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Note: I don't use this, it looks good and when I see the need I will have a go at setting one of these up. I have participated in someone else's feedback system.

Do you need to provide help to users?
Do you want their ideas for your product or service?
Then look at how the feedback system works at UserVoice.
..their blurb..
Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action:
Share ideas.
Vote up the best.
Respond, implement & repeat!
../their blurb..

I particularly liked the idea of voting and the way that voting allowed you to express how strongly you felt about an idea.
Votes are returned to you to use again if the idea is accepted or deleted.
The hottest part of the systems was the way when you are entering your idea (or problem) a real-time search shows the suggestions (or problems) entered by others.

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