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Google Ads - see what happens

To the right of this page is a list of advertisments that are randomly selected by Google based on the keywords on this page.
When you run a business blog that means that competitors often end up there.
Also some products appear there that you may not endorse. One example for me is WhitePage (note not White Pages as in the phone book). They provide blogs and are some connection to Namescout Corp (with a registered office in Bridgetown, Barbados).
So I will comment this blog item with comments on the various things that appear in the Google ad list.


Business Blogs

In July 2005 we said:
Let us show you how to use Blog technology to make and maintain a website for a business. We can setup for you an inexpensive site that you can maintain easily yourself, as often as you like. Most additions and alterations are done using simple web page forms.

This site is one example, here is another:

AND guess what!
In October 2005 Microsoft discover the same thing...


XDK and HDK email lists

We maintain the email list for users of xdk and hdk.
Details of that list are at:

Those of you still subscribed to the old HDK list (clari.net) should block or automatically delete emails from there. You will not be able to unsubscribe and we have no control over that list - despite being the owner of the list.


Help Authoring Tools

It seems that users of these tools have been surprised that there is no further development planned on quite a few of these tools. The list now includes RoboHelp.

This probably means that product support from the vendors will also fade. It puts support back on the users to support each other. That is what the email lists are all about.