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Keep Track of Formatting

Office 2007
Something to be aware of for those of you using track changes and fussy about your formatting (and new to Word 2007)
From the Office button select Word Options then Advanced and you will see "Keep track of formatting".
For details see C Kent's page:
How to turn Keep Track of Formatting on and off


Customise the NEWS

Wotnews allows you to personalise your news from Australia. You set it up to tell you about specific companies or people. Set up a share portfolio or for any interest in a particular industry or sector. Wotnews will find the news on these topics as soon as it breaks. It is delivered to you as an email alert or an RSS feed.
Look for a similar facility with your favourite and trusted news source.


Tagging documents

Structured document formats like DITA, DocBook, and Solbook are characterized by deeply nested tags and a multitude of schema constraints.
Unstructured tagging languages like HTML, on the other hand, are wide open.
Some people think that it is a contest between the two types:
Read the summary [more..]
OR the full article:
The answer may lie in the correct choice of tagging for particular information. More uses information should mean more structure to that information (and more tags). More information and more users of the information should also mean more structure.