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Backup Traps

During a full backup some backup software look like they are backing up your directories but they are not. When you point the program to the folder it then writes a list of the files and only backs these up.
Similarly CD burning jobs in some programs work from a file list not a folder list. There is a big difference because each file added to a directory is often more valuable than one of the existing files.
Now that you know, test your "backup and burn" assumptions. Especially if you backup using a full, not an incremental backup.


RSS introduction

RSS, Really Simple Syndication or "Atom" is a way to read and write information on the web. When reading you can keep track of more sites in less time and when writing you can share your words and ideas more quickly.
It is a method of publishing to the web. You write using blogs or other RSS writers. You read using an RSS reader of some sort. Examples include Outlook add-in to make emails from RSS to Google's home page that makes lines of links from each entry grouped under the heading for that feed. It probably should have been called a Really Flexible Syndication Tool.
Created by people who are service providers, tool vendors and independent developers, it is designed to be a universal publishing standard for personal content and weblogs. [more...]


Download WinHlp32

Starting with the Windows Vista operating system release, the Windows Help program does not ship as a component of the Windows operating system.
Also, third-party programs that include .hlp files are prohibited from redistributing the Windows Help program together with their products.
Users who want to view 32-bit .hlp files must download the program from the Microsoft Download Center, and then install it on their computers.
To download WinHlp32.exe, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
Users who have not installed this program on their computer are directed to a help topic in the Windows Vista Help and Support application.