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About the various websites, how they are made, what they costs, what works and what does not work.
Cheapest to the most expensive. Note some of the content that gives these sites the "freshness" comes from one of my four Twitter accounts, one for each topic, see about.me/bruceawhite

This is a personal listing of the various websites and social media locations that are connected to me. They include most of the sites I manage.
The URL is short and catchy, easy to remember.

About.me does not do much for adding and managing content. It relies on your other websites to provide that. This about.me service is handiest as a URL under an email address in a sig (email signature). People who land on the about.me page can then choose a link relevant to them. They will tend to ignore others, say if they are not on Facebook or Twitter for example.

This is a personal site that mostly talks about surfing, surf travel, etc.. It points to other surfing sites I manage.
The URL is uncool, not that short or easy to remember. The URL bruceawhite.net is pointed at this address. (About $30 per year for the domain and hosting to just redirect) and is used to point people at the site.

Blogger is a great tool for managing content. It allows you to export all the content if you want to move to another site later. If you do move the redirect URL is pointed to the new site.

This is a variation on the other Blogger sites. The URL is redirected to ssurfings.blogspot.com.
The site is a Google Custom Search to search all known surfing sites that are not shops. It also deliberately misses some of the contest sites.
Google Custom Search is at google.com.au/cse
Cost About $30 per year for the domain and hosting the redirect. There is the possibility of some income from Google Adwords on that site (none yet, the ads mostly pay for the CSE enagine).

This URL points to where ever the person tells me to point it. It shows the latest information on how to stay in Kagata village in the Solomon Islands.

This site (here) is a fully hosted site with webspace but the home page these days starts here:
The resulting HTML from the first page is then viewed (not saved), text edited and then saved and sent via FTP to the index page at:

The Law firms's content links with news items to Blogger sites.
For example:

This site is maintained using proprietary software chosen by the people who write our LEAP Legal (database) software. I don't recommend it, I am the one who maintains it and I point to our other sites for content. The LEAP people do a good job with SEO (search engine optimisation). My other luchetti sites can ride on this a bit.

Other ways of having a website
I have used sites.google.com the product died and so did my interest in using this way of making websites.
See this site:
With a redirect URL is could be good. Google could also say not to having this product and move the whole thing into Blogger.

Another redirect that points to a WordPress site
Here I collect information on artificial surf breaks and also some surf forecasting information.

URL shorteners
I use bit.ly

A list of all the domains I own
Visit the ones I have not mentioned above and see what variation of the methods I have used for that site. Watch the web address for changes.